Emé Betancur(Osric)  is thrilled to join Black Henna and Theatre Beyond Broadway for this production! Born during the infamous blizzard of 1994, legend has it that thunder roared as Emé drew his first breath in Dover, New Jersey. Things really chilled out after that, though. Having grown up in a latino household, many of Emé's influences come from telenovela acting and Spanish game show humor (Que dice el público? FUERA!) He has a deep love for music and dancing, as well as finding ways to laugh with everyone in a room. Marymount Manhattan class of '16 (Go Griffins?) he studied musical theatre and spends much of his week working at Ellen's Stardust Diner, where he works as a singing server (Go Unioncorns!). Emé is a member of Back At The Ranch, an improv troupe performing regularly at the People's Improv Theatre (the PIT). He also makes funny videos on Youtube! Look for his account, BentMedia. Lastly, you can keep up with Emé by following him on instagram! Follow him at @emeregal