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Cas Marino

Is full of art… but has to pee really badly! 13 years, 8 months ago

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  • Wow, time flies!

    Hey Friends! I have so much going on these days, I just wanted to post a ”quickie” to let you know what’s up in my stage life right now. I’m booked, blessedly, through the fall, and want to recap all of this wonderful stuff — and then I can get specific about each project as it moves to the front burner!

    These are in ”basic working order” as several of them overlap… but here goes:

    - ”Are You There, Zeus? It’s Me, Electra!”
    The incredible Aliza Shane (Looking Glass Theater) wrote and directs this brutally funny tragicomedy based on Sophocles’ ”Electra”. There’s a new Queen in town as I assume the role of CLYTEMNESTRA, the evil, homicidal, power-hungry mother of the title heroin. This is the star offering of this year’s PLANET CONNECTIONS FESTIVITY, a new festival in its second year after an amazing debut last season. We are the one show to play the off-broadway BLEECKER STREET THEATER venue as part of the festival, and there is much buzz and excitement already surrounding this landmark production. Runs through the month of June.

    - ”How My Mother Died of Cancer and Other Bedtime Stories” by Chris Kelly.
    After our beautiful reception for the workshop reading, Chris has been hard at work with rewrites and we are currently awaiting word of our acceptance into this year’s NYC INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL. This piece, through Black Henna, will move beyond that; my FLY YOUR FLAG HIGHER PRODUCTIONS will take the reins for festival purposes. Watch this one, folks: it’s gonna be big. Personal promise. Runs through August.

    - I received a lovely message the other day from writer/director/producer/actor/force-to-be-reckoned-with AMY LORD of ”Tony & Tina’s Wedding” fame; her latest interactive theater whirlwind, ”THE BOYCHICK AFFAIR” — with successful runs in LA and Miami, is making its much-anticipated return to our Off-Broadway stages HERE having had a great limited run late last year into this past January. Amy and I have been trying to work together for eons, and I’m going to read for her for the role of TITO SUAREZ — but honestly this piece is so much fun (my son Zach and I were ”guests” at this over-the-top Bar Mitzvah last time) that I’d play a waiter to be a part of it. ”Boychick” comes of age May 9th at its new home at the Broadway Comedy Club.

    - ”Hero Worship”
    This lovely new piece about coping with loss and choices made in the heat of battle in the years after the Civil War will be presented as a staged reading at the Kings Highway Public Library in Brooklyn. Part of a community program that brings art back across the river to audiences that might not travel to or invest in less mainstream theatrical productions, ”Hero” has me featured as Colonel Porter, a war veteran literally dying under the pressure of the secrets he’s been carrying with him since being relieved of his combat duties. One Night Only: April 18th.

    - Black Henna’s ”Much Ado About Nothing” NYC Parks Tour
    I won’t drone on about this one — there’s plenty of info about what promises to be an EPIC outing for the Bard and BHP this summer, right here on the Black Henna site. This is going to be a fantastic way to spend the summer for all of us involved.

    - ”The Unlikely Adventures of Race McCloud, Private Eye”
    Tom Hoeffner’s critically acclaimed dark comic romp regroups and reemerges with most of its NYC Fringe Festival (2009) cast reprising the roles we created, only this time we’re doing it at the famed American Theater of Actors Off-Broadway. BHP is thrilled to be bringing this piece forward into its next phase of infamy; and I’m thrilled to be playing General Jack Bullit and the infamous, mythical SPHONX once again! Reactivating this Fall at ATA.

    - Phrolix presents ”Cas Marino: The Man! The Myth! The Blog!”
    Well, no… that’s not the final title. But the publishers of my online column at Phrolix.com (formerly EroticNewYork) are producing a multimedia cabaret reading hybrid, starring ME as MYSELF sharing MY WORK with YOU. Part stand-up, part staged reading, part song, and all expository, this show will bring my columns (and my take on life) to the stage as a first attempt at marrying my writing life with my performing life. Venue and exact date to be announced, but we’re looking at THE BEST CABARET SPACE IN THE WORLD… and an October launch.

    - ”In The Flesh” erotic reading series.
    I’ll be reading from my Phrolix.com column as part of this monthly reading’s GLBT night. No cover, hors d’oeuvres, and full cash bar at China Town’s (aptly named) HAPPY ENDING LOUNGE. June 17th.

    - Radio voice over work continues regularly… and of course, follow my antics as celebrity blogger on Phrolix.com, as bon vivante on Facebook, and as the guy who forgets how to tweet on Twitter.

  • Hey friends.

    As most of you know I am the celebrity columnist for EroticNewYork.com and after a two week hiatus to begin crafting the staged cabaret reading gala the publishers have planned for blasting my writing across to a whole new audience, I am back this week with my latest article, ”Alternative Motives.”

    Why, when we think of the word ”motives”, do we so quickly link it to the word ”ulterior”?

    Check out my column to find out. And as always your support and your feedback are a blessing and an honor.



    ”That, my sister, is how you answer a booty call!”

    A WHAT-y call? We’re having dinner. He’s really hungry. I mean sure, he stopped home to shower and pack a bag, but that didn’t mean he was expecting to get lucky.

    Did it?

    Elle took time away from her own anniversary dinner preparations (a delicious assortment of upscale takeout menus and frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s) to practically salivate over the phone, ”well, if that man doesn’t fall in love with you, at least you’re guaranteed one hell of a fuck.”

    One hell of a – now wait a freaking minute! I mean sure, I shopped and cooked all afternoon, and, yes, I put out good china, linen napkins, my holiday stemware, and I used baskets and little cocktail forks and countless other bits of dinner party finery, but this wasn’t about getting laid at all! I was, at best, trying to impress my guest, and, at worst, indulging my own ego a bit, but sex? I wasn’t trying to initiate anything of the sort.

    Was I?

  • Hey friends! Just to update you on a few things:

    While I’ve been super busy with my radio gigs (who knew the older and uglier I get the more ironically receptive a medium that would become), I’m furiously at work retooling my online column at http://www.eroticnewyork.com to work as a cabaret stage show!

    Yup… that’s right! Phrolix — the publishers of ENY — are producing my writings (with much supplemental writing and creative ball-twisting, and a little bit of music) as a cabaret gala starring me. This should be coming to a venue we can’t yet name (but fingers are crossed big time) around the end of April. And with so much of ME up there on that stage, there’s only one person in the WORLD strong enough to rein me in and keep me focused and fabulous, and that’s our own Queen of all things creative and illuminating, MALINI SINGH-MCDONALD. She helms, God bless and help her, and we both look forward to this being a truly one-of-a-kind live theater event. I’ll keep you posted here, because your support and love as always are essential to my success and enjoyment.

    PLEASE, in the mean time, visit http://www.EroticNewYork.com and read my column — for those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s pretty much me doing the homosexual take on Sarah Jessica Parker’s realm…

    I’m Cassie Bradshaw, bringing you the lighter side of ”Gay Sex and the City”.

    Though I am rarely even edging on the pornographic, it is indeed frank and adult, so please, my friends: 18 and over only.

  • OPENING TONIGHT @ ROY ARIAS Payan Theater at the Times Square Performing Arts Center (300 W. 43rd St.):

    Bella Poynton’s ”A HOUSE FULL OF DUST” — come see me take on an ungrateful priest of a son, a crazy-ass gangly daughter, a saucy wife, a couple of ghosts, and a frontier accent… all with 12 days of rehearsal!

  • I feel so high tech… I am so excited to start writing here and keeping everyone up to date with the (blessedly) many things I have going on with my stage, radio, cabaret and writing projects.