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Cas Marino

Is full of art… but has to pee really badly! 14 years, 4 months ago

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    Resumee and demo reel on request

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  • How lovely to have a few nights off!

    I forgot what it was like to be able to go to the gym and the market and have a nice, home-cooked dinner at some time actually approximating a normal dinner time.

    But with ”Bedtime Stories” officially accepted into the FRINGE Festival, we’ve started pre-pro meetings (and have a rooftoop reading of the latest version of CHRIS KELLY’s script on the 10th of May) and ”Zeus…Electra!” in full swing for the PLANET CONNECTIONS FESTIVITY in June, I’ll be doing my usual routine of packing bags and containers of food and protein drinks at 6:30 in the morning come Monday.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all :)

  • ASK ME ANYTHING! Click to follow me to Formspring… this thing is so fun :)


  • Hey friends. A quick note to announce I’m starring in a staged reading of a beautiful new work called ”Hero Worship” which examines the fallout, 10 years after the Civil War, of the decisions made in battle and the secrets we carry that can literally kill a man, a marriage, and a mind.

    One day only: Kings Highway Public Library, Brooklyn, New York. 2pm. Free.

  • Look at me! I’m in Hi Def! At least I’m not in SONY 3-D and making little kids dizzy and pregnant women nauseous.

    Or am I…

    See my press demo reel on youtube:

  • Two posts in one day! I must be antsy!

    See my latest column, ”Shine On”, at Phrolix.com! (18+ only, please)