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Malini Singh McDonald

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  • Ken Davenport blogged about How To Get an Agent on his site, The Producer’s Perspective. And with his permission, I am posting the link to his site: http://tinyurl.com/How-to-get-an-Agent-5-Tips-fo

    I love the fact that he broke it down by effectiveness:

    1. The Picture/Resume Lottery
    2. Pay to Play
    3. Schmooze it up
    4. True friends refer
    5. Do good work

    I never did the game because as previously mentioned, I decided that I didn’t want to act anymore. That doesn’t mean that I was immune to my husband and friends doing the game. Fifteen years ago, I knew that sending out a million headshots doesn’t work. It’s really a waste of money.

    As always, my advice is to keep at it. The longer you stay around, the more people you meet and the more insular the theater world becomes.

    And come see me in AMATEURS! http://www.parksideplayers.com

  • Malini is in a play!!!!

    Yesterday Ian sent an email inviting everyone to see my return to the stage as if I’m Bette Davis coming back. I can only hope and dream to be as good as Bette. I will be performing the role of Dorothy in Tom Griffin’s Amateurs which is opening on February 19th for a three weekend run. It is absolutely amazing to know that I will be performing in front of an audience after 6 years of telling actors what to do and running a company.

    What’s been so amazing about this experience is working with talented actors as well as working with an amazing director, Nick Radu. It’s nice to actually do the work that I so often impress upon my actors. It’s nice to not be in charge. It’s nice to be part of an ensemble.

    So with that, I give you Ian’s email to everyone.
    For the first time in six years, our own Directress, Malini Singh McDonald, will be returning to the stage to actually walk the boards, as opposed to making sure we all do it right! That’s right, opening on February 19th and running for three hilarious weekends, Malini will be starring in Parkside Productions’ Amateurs Directed by Nick Radu!

    Dorothy (Malini) has invited some friends over after the opening night performance of an amateur theater production. During the evening each of the guests reveals their chosen method of coping with the cards they have been dealt in the game of life. Shy Nathan (Richard Weyhausen) blossoms inside his alter ego as a very bad ventriloquist. Boisterous Jennifer (Jenna Kantor) hides her fear of success with her sharp wit. Ernie’s (Paul Robilotto) childish behavior prevents responsible measurement of his life. It is only through Charlie (Mike Miller), Dorothy’s philosophically daffy husband, we can see the full effect of unbearable pain.
    Fridays, February 25 & March 4 at 8:00 pm;
    Saturdays, February 19, 26 & March 5 at 8:00 p.m.;
    Sundays, February 20 & 27 at 2:00 pm.
    Admission: $14 / $12 for Seniors
    Reservations can be made by calling 718-497-4922 or by visiting Parkside’s website at http://www.parksideplayers.com

    Parkside Productions Theatre is located at:
    Grace Lutheran Church
    103-15 Union Turnpike
    Forest Hills, NY 11375

  • We’re in the midst of Race McCloud and I can honestly say that it’s been a long time since I’ve been so involved in a production. Sure I’ve directed, produced, did publicity. This show, however, I wore many hats. They include:

    - Producer
    - Publicist
    - Properties Designer
    - Costume Helper
    - Stage Manager
    - House Manager
    - Box Office
    - Mediator
    - Confidente
    - Teacher
    - Executive Director
    - Nurse

    Of course, I had help. I didn’t do it all by myself. I would be dead. It shows that theater is about getting in there and doing what needs to get done. I was telling my best friend this morning that I have learned a lot on this production thus far.

    The most important lesson is theater isn’t easy and only a person who is passionate and dedicated can do this. Because if I hated a moment of this, I would just call it quits. I don’t want to. I may be exhausted and ready for a vacay but the adrenaline runs right when I need it to. Like today. The start of the last 5 shows for The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud, Private Eye at the American Theater of Actors – Chernuchin.

    Visit http://www.racemccloud.com for further info!

  • One week ago, BHP closed a successful run of an experiment. It took a long time for us to finally get this show up and running (13 years to be exact). Ian and I knew that we wanted to Shakespeare when we first met but we didn’t know exactly how we wanted to produce it. We were also two young actors who knew nothing of producing. We spent the following years studying, working on many productions and starting our own company. The longer you hang around this industry, the more people you meet.

    About 4 years ago, we were ready to produce it with me at the helm as director. Even then I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to bring this to life. Then 3 years ago, we met a wonderful director, Johnny Young, who directed The Tempest with the Parkside Players. I enjoyed that show so much that I knew that this was the guy who was going to bring the right vision to the piece. Over the last couple years, he pitched the concept and I quickly handed the directing reigns to him. Truth be told, I couldn’t have come up with idea of making it present day, setting it at a resort, and making it about a hostile corporate takeover. The idea that I did come up with was why not do it one park per the boroughs. What do we have to lose? It was an experiment.

    What came out of this was a successful run with the Parks Department asking us to come back next year. So we’re going to do it all over again next year. Johnny Young at the helm once again. Why fix something that ain’t broke.

    The production was special in that we were a company of 20 that came together as a team. Everyone was on the journey. We had a blast. We also received some media coverage, an impromptu review (http://who-will-kiss-the-pig.blogspot.com/2010/07/late-saturday-afternoon-in-williamsburg.html) and a photographer (www.leliamarie.com) who took pics for her site. Who can ask for anything more. We were quite open about Much Ado being a passion piece. We wanted to do it and no one was going to sway us the other way.

    So what happens post-show?

    Well, we mourned the closing of the show as customary. However, with Race McCloud opening next month, it just so happened that it was time to do the PR for the show. Meetings, buying ads, fine tuning ticketing, nailing down house management. In a nutshell, sticking to the schedule of this upcoming production.

    The last time BHP had shows overlapping like this was in 2006 when we had Down the Road running at Altered Stages, Michael Quinones’ Captain Nightmare in the Sam French One Act Festival AND his Naughty Prep School Stories in the Fringe Festival.

    Whenever we start to get overwhelmed, we just remember that we got through that summer so we’ll get through this one. Plus, we’re all a bit older and wiser.

    So buy tickets! http://www.racemccloud.com/

  • I realized this past weekend that a dream came true for me. I can never look at Wallenberg Square (across the street from my apartment) in the same light now that we have done Much Ado About Nothing there.

    There is a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to acting outdoors. It is so freeing. It is constant improvisation.

    For example, on Saturday we were at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and performed in 800 degree weather. Ugh! That was rough but we made it. Then on Sunday, we performed at Wallenberg Square in Forest Park in rain with traffic as our score.

    The dream is taking on the challenge and needing to know if it can be done. Well 2/5 of our audience seem to agree that it can be done.

    To them I say, thanks for the support. For it is that support that is going to get us through the next 3 shows.